The Browns Lake Aquaducks and The Lynzay Legois Free water skiing club presents WOW “Wednesdays on Water”

free Water skiing lessons on Browns Lake at Fischer Park, 30326 Durand Ave


d and daugher before skiing at State Competition 1999

d and daugher before skiing at State Competition 1999

Psalm 125 (126)
Gladness and hope in the Lord
What marvels the Lord worked for us: indeed we are glad.
When the Lord gave Zion back her captives, we became like dreamers.
Our mouths were filled with gladness and our voices cried in exultation.
Among the Gentiles they were saying,
  “By his deeds the Lord has shown himself great.”
The Lord’s deeds showed forth his greatness,
  and filled us with rejoicing.
Give us back our captives, O Lord,
  as you renew the dry streams in the desolate South.
Those who sow in tears will rejoice at the harvest.
They wept as they went, went with seed for the sowing;
but with joy they will come, come bearing the sheaves.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit,
  as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.
What marvels the Lord worked for us: indeed we are glad.

September 9th 2015 WOW… Wednesdays on Water with the Browns Lake Aquaducks and Lynzay Legois free water skiing cubs

September 9th 2015 WOW… For free and for fun just come and see all we need to do now is to show up and participate… plase tag anyone i have missed

Things we did ski weekend on Lake Wazeecha Pony boat style 2015

The Pony boat and the things we did ski weekend on lake Wazeecha 2015

The Pony boat ski weekend on Lake Wazzecha trailer more to post…

The Lynzay Legois Free Water Skiing Cub… presents The Joski and adaptive water skiing

see adaptive water skier events or call to make your ski day date…

Please help us spread the word on Friday June 26th, Wednesday July 29th, Wednesday August 19th, and Wednesday September 9th.

Cover Photo
    Free Water Skiing
    Adaptive Water Skiing for People with Disabilities
    Sit Ski available for seated water skiing
    Wednesdays On Water (W.O.W.) !!
    Three Fun Dates for 2015: July 29th, August 19th 2 PM to 5:30
    Season Finale September 9th 2 PM to sunset

    Thank you all for being such great supporters of this camaraderie and fellowship with the resources of Browns Lake, WisconsinBurlington, Wisconsin . Ski ya’ later!

    — feeling blessed at Wisconsin USA.

    We are now officially a non profit water ski club

    Learn to ski for free in Memory of Lynzay Marie Legois
    Member Number: 400165613
    Club Type: 3-Event, Kneeboard, Barefoot, Disabled, Show Ski, Wakeboard
    Club Website:
    Open To New Members? yes
    Site of Club Activities Browns lake and Lake Wazzecha
    2900 Crossway Road
    Burlington, WI 53105
    Officers: President : Richard Legois
    Vice-President : Kurt Roskopf
    Secretary : Denice Legois
    Treasurer : Denice Legois
    Primary Contact Information: Richard Legois )
    2900 Crossway Road
    Burlington, WI 53105
    [email protected]
    (262) 514-0097 (h)
    (262) 886-2100 (w)
    (262) 886-2480 (f)
    (262) 497-8977 (m)
    Subscribe to email list.
    Allow membership information to be forwarded.
    Secondary Contact Information: Denice Legois
    [email protected]
    (262) 514-0097 (h)
    (262) 498-9930 (c)

    Lynzay and the Summer School Bus…

    Lynzay and the Summer school bus 2006

    After the first day of summer school 2006 I asked Lynzay “How was School today?” Lynzay proceeded to tell me me a girl had hit her on the summer school bus… I asked, “Why? She said, “Because she was mad at me!” I asked Lynzay, “How do you know she was mad at you?”
    She said, “Because she had a mean look on her face!” I asked her, “Did you smile back?” She said, “No.” Oh I said, “Try sitting in the front of the bus by the driver to avoid her.”
    Lynzay said, “No Daddy!!, you don’t understand!! She sit’s up in front by herself!” I said, “Oh! I see now…
    Maybe she’s not mad maybe she is just sad, unhappy and lonely?” I said, “Try this. The next time you get on the school bus smile at her no matter what the look in Her face is! And then sit next to her and say hi… If she hits you again go back to where you were sitting before. Then you know at least you tried your best!!”

    Lynzay never said another word about the School bus…

    Much later during the eulogy at Lynzay’s funeral I found out that Lynzay sat with her on the bus every day… Lynzay rode the summer school bus next to Her new friend everyday from that day forward …
    Lynzay and she always sat together in the lunch room together even when no one else would sit with them!

    So please remember this; so that when then you see and unhappy face or some one sitting alone, smile say hi and hoping for the best trusting the rest today…

    Lynzay received the “Bishop Richard J Skilba Peace Maker Award” 2006
    St Lucy’s Lynzay Legois Memorial Scholarship is given each year to a Student at St. Lucy School who has been recognized to have Peacemaker like qualities by teachers and staff.
    This Annual Peacemaker Award is for continuing Catholic education and the like.
    Questions contact Rudee Koepke, Principal
    262-554-1801 x212

    Saint Lucy Catholic Church
    Pastor Fr. Mark R. Jones
    3101 Drexel Avenue
    Racine, WI 53403
    Phone: 262-554-1801

    Romans 8:28 ” And we know all that happens to us is working for our good if we Love God and are fitting into his plans.”

    Romans 12:12 “Be glad for all that God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble and prayerful always”