the shadows we cast today can make a difference tomorrow without even knowing it

(Colossians 1:12-14) ©
We thank the Father who has made it possible for us to share in the saints’ inheritance of light. He has taken us out of the power of darkness and created a place for us in the kingdom of the Son that he loves. In him, we gain our freedom and the forgiveness of our sins.

Remain with us, O Lord, alleluia.
–  For it is nearly evening, alleluia.

Lord, as we pray to you give us these gifts –
  to follow the example of patience that your only-begotten Son has shown us,
  and to remain strong when we suffer adversity.
Through Christ our Lord,


Romans 8:28 " And we know all the happens to us is working for our good if we love God and are fitting into his plans"

Romans 12:12 "Be glad for all God is planning, patient in trouble, prayerful always"

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