Our Sportsmanship Lynzay Spirit Award goes too…

In any game there is a winner and a loser…
If we try our best, then we can trust the rest!
St Rita’s 7th grade girls are a perfect example of how to play any game.
You are a perfect example of how to be a winner no matter what the reslut of the day.
If we can trust the rest after trying our best we all can be good example of how to live life.
Thank you for showing us how to Win on the other side of the ball 🙂
I can learn alot from Teams like you 🙂
Rick Legois

Congratulations St. Rita's 7th Grade Girls

Lynzay Legois Spirit award is full size trophy :)One of Lynzay’s many favorite sayings was…
“Its not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game”
Grantland Rice.He was sportswriter and lived between 1880-1954.
Grantland Rice Also said “It is important to win but equally important as to know how to lose graciously a…nd learn from losing. It is all about balance as far as I am concerned. Take the good with the bad.”

“Do your best, trust the rest”

-Mr. Rick Legois 🙂

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