Lynzay and the Summer School bus

After the first day of summer school 2006 Lynzay came home and told me a girl had hit her. I asked, “Why? She said, “Because she was mad at me!” I asked Lynzay, “How do you know she was mad at you?” She said, “Because she had a mean look on her face!” I asked her, “Did you smile back?” She said, “No.” I said, “Try sitting in the front of the bus by the driver to avoid her.” Lynzay said, “No Daddy, you don’t understand!! She sit’s up in front by herself!” I said, “Oh! I see now. Maybe she’s just unhappy and lonely?” I said, “Try this. The next time you get on the school bus smile at her no matter what and then sit next to her and say hi. If she hits you again go back to where you were sitting before. Then you know you at least you tried your best!!”

Lynzay never said another word about the School bus. Later on I found out that Lynzay sat with her on the bus every day from that day forward. Lynzay even sat with her in the lunch room when no one else would.

So when you see and unhappy face or some one sitting alone, smile and hope for the best and trust the rest.

We miss you Lynzay as we try our best and trust in the rest.

Lynzay received the “Bishop Richard J Skilba Peace Maker Award” in 2006.

Lynzay Legois Memorial Scholarship Fund

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