St Lucy’s 2012 Lynzay Legois Sportsmanship award

We have one very special award for one very special team
The Lynzay Legois Sportsmanship award
Being a good sportsman we think is more then just following the rules…
Maybe its keeping a smile when the other team ends up with the point taken after volleying the ball pack and forth several times, then clapping for the other team when they score.
Being a good sport defiantly is doing your best, but we believe the hard part comes when having to trust the rest.
The 2012 Lynzay Marie Legois Sportsmanship award goes to St. Rita 5th grade Girls
You are a perfect example of how to win on both sides of the ball no matter the result of the day… we could see that you can smile saying we did our best trusting the rest… you are a good example for adults and kids alike…  you are good example for us all on how to live life no matter what comes our way today…

St Rita 5th grade girls did there best, and trusted the rest with a smile 🙂

“Be glad for all that God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble, and Prayerful always” Romans 12:12

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