The Pony boat

We have resolved engine issues with the Pony boat to include new holly carb and replaced gas tank with a aluminum fuel cell 🙂
Our first ski lessons will be at Wisconsin State Show ski tournament. July 18 – 21 giving lessons through the morning of the 22nd on lake Wazzecha
We will be camped at Wood county camp grounds giving over 40 hours of free water ski lessons in Memory of Lynzay during the state tournament…
I am am sincerely sorry it took so long to get 2013 ski lessons going but somehow i know and believe God’s will is working for our good.

We look forward to giving as many ski lessons as humanly possible at Browns lake starting July 27th 2013

Please let us know if Saturdays work for you, and if needed we will do some Sundays as well

Wish you the best, trusting the rest today…
With Love,
Rick Legois
262 497 8977

Safe and slow start to ski lesson for free

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