today December 31st 2009

New Year’s Eve DINNER / DANCE

St. Lucy’s Gym


Spaghetti & Meatball Dinner ~ 5:008:00


Live Music ~ 9:001:00

 “RELATIVITY”  Classic Rock & Roll / Top 40 / Polka


For volunteer information call:  

Rick Legois    (262) 497-8977  (262) 497-8977   Phil Diehn    (262) 554-9556  (262) 554-9556 

Ticket Reservations: email [email protected] or call 681-2534


 Children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

           Proceeds to benefit St. Lucy’s Building, Scholarship and Catholic Education Fund.

Parking available in the East Lot. Use the CCD Entrance. Hang-up coats in our FREE coat-check area.


Place your Pot Luck Snack on the table near the buffet by the kitchen counter. Check-in and purchase tickets at the entrance to the gym. After checking in, our hostess will seat your party.

 If you have any questions, please ask the hostess.


Self-Serve Dinner will be available from 4:45 through 8:00.


Come Early & Enjoy the Added Attractions.

Karaoke – 50/50 Raffles – Soft Drinks – Beer – Wine Coolers – Wi Video Games

 Children’s Video Theater  Football TV Lounge – Snack Pot Luck

Midnight Balloon Drop and much, much more…


When you are ready to eat, present your ticket at the kitchen counter. Then go to the buffet to select your salad, salad dressing, bread, garlic butter, parmesan cheese, sugar, cream, and silverware. Choose the items you desire and return to your table. When you are ready for spaghetti, return to the counter to pick up your dinner. When possible, we will deliver your dinner to your table. Servers will provide milk, coffee, and desert with your meal. Additional helpings of pasta and sauce are included; ask the hostess for 2nds and 3rds.


At the end of the evening, if possible, please help take down the tables and chairs. 


  Ticket Pricing

Family and Couples $35 (includes 2 adult dinners and admission to dance for 2 Adults and all dependent children) Children’s Dinner: $4 under 13/ $7 13 and older)

Individual Dinner & Dance  $18 /  Dinner Only $7.00 / Dance Only 12.00

Senior 65+ Dinner & Dance  $15 /  Dinner Only $7.00 / Dance Only 10.00

We get to do good things in Memory of you:)

The things we are given to do in memory of you is Gods Gift 🙂


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