Lindsey Pritikin wrote a music piece for Lynzay and…is excelling in virtual School

Lindsey Pritikin is the student council president

14-year-old Lindsey Pritikin is the student council president for her freshman class at the Insight School of Wisconsin, a virtual school. Pritikin reviews previous lessons on Jan. 27 online at home.

RACINE – It’s 12:58 on Wednesday afternoon and Lindsey Pritikin’s algebra class begins in two minutes.

The 14-year-old doesn’t have time to stop at her locker for books and still weave her way through hundreds of other high school students before the bell rings. Luckily for her, she doesn’t have to. She just climbs the stairs to her bedroom at home and logs on to her computer.

Lindsey, who lives in Racine, is enrolled in a virtual high school, a growing trend where students take classes, do homework, complete quizzes and more all online.

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