2011 St. Lucy’s Annual Lynzay Legois 5th & 6th Grade Volleyball Tournament

October 21, 22 & 23rd Awards: October 23rd

1st Place Team will receive a team trophy and individual awards.

2nd Place Team will receive a team trophy.

3rd Place Teams will receive a team trophy.

Site Information: www.stlucysports.org

5th and 6th Grade games will be played at St. Lucy’s School Gym

3035 Drexel Avenue  Racine, WI  53403

Any questions  Email – MatthewSepanski  –  [email protected]

Thank you St Lucy for the things we get to do in Memory of Lynzay are gifts in action…Some things are big… Some things are small…

And I know Its the little things we do are meant to be kept between just me and you …and St. Lucia too.

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