St Lucy Parish School 2011 Lynzay Legois Volleyball Tournament team pictures :)

Congratulations to Christian Life School 5th grade girls !!!!!  They are the recipient of this year’s Lynzay Legois Sportsmanship trophy.

Thank you to all the teams and fans that came to St. Lucy’s this weekend. We hope everyone enjoyed the Tournament.

Congradulations to the following teams:

5th Grade Girls-
1st Place – All Saints (Red)
Consulation Champion- John Paul II
2nd Place – All Saints (White)
3rd Place – St. Lucy

6th Grade Girls-
1st Place – Christian Life School (Kenosha)
Consulation Champion – St. Lucy
2nd Place – St. Joe (Kenosha)
3rd Place – Our Lady of Humility

Thank you – Ryan, Matt, Rick, Michelle and Bonnie

If we missed your team photo and would like us to post to Lynzay’s home page please email mail me our team photo with information @ [email protected]

Congratulations to St Lucy 5th Grade Girls 3rd place 🙂

Congratulations 3rd place to Our Lady of Humility Parish School Beach Park Zion, IL

3rd Place OLH

Championship 6G Christian Life School

Congratulations St Lucy 6G Consulation Champs

Championship 5G All Saints Red

Some of our Score keep helpers Thank you to all who helped us this weekend

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