We are now officially a non profit water ski club

Learn to ski for free in Memory of Lynzay Marie Legois
Member Number: 400165613
Club Type: 3-Event, Kneeboard, Barefoot, Disabled, Show Ski, Wakeboard
Club Website: www.lynzay.org
Open To New Members? yes
Site of Club Activities Browns lake and Lake Wazzecha
2900 Crossway Road
Burlington, WI 53105
Officers: President : Richard Legois
Vice-President : Kurt Roskopf
Secretary : Denice Legois
Treasurer : Denice Legois
Primary Contact Information: Richard Legois )
2900 Crossway Road
Burlington, WI 53105
[email protected]
(262) 514-0097 (h)
(262) 886-2100 (w)
(262) 886-2480 (f)
(262) 497-8977 (m)
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Secondary Contact Information: Denice Legois
[email protected]
(262) 514-0097 (h)
(262) 498-9930 (c)

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