Water Ski lessons for free and for fun, including 3 fun days of adaptive water skiing, always In Memory of Lynzay…

Joey Joski

Joey Joski

Free Adaptive Water Skiing…
“featuring the Joski Ski sit-ski :)”Three Fun Dates for 2016:July 27th, and August 17th  2 PM to 5:30 and ourGrand finally Sept 7th 2 pm till sunset with pizza party to follow all other water skiing lessons on Sunday afternoons into evenings by appointment please call to scheduled your free water ski lessonsWet suits are provided always for free and for fun in Memory of Lynzay…Wish you a Happy day and quiet nightYours Truly,Rick Legois

The Pony reay and waiting to ski you for free and for fun :)

The Pony boat will be ready and waiting to ski you for free and for fun summer 2016 🙂


please compete the waver for our files for our  free water ski events please find the following link



262 497 8977

The Lynzay Legois Free Waterskiing Club

Club Type: 3-Event, Kneeboard, Barefoot, Disabled, Show Ski, Wakeboard
Club Website: www.lynzay.org
Open To New Members? yes
Site of Club Activities Browns lake and Lake Wazzecha
Officers: President : Richard Legois
Vice-President : Kurt Roskopf
Secretary : Dodi Schoff
Treasurer : Denice Legois
Primary Contact Information: Richard Legois )
2900 Crossway Road
Burlington, WI 53105
[email protected]
(262) 514-0097 (h)
(262) 886-2100 (w)
(262) 886-2480 (f)
(262) 497-8977 (m)
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Secondary Contact Information: Denice Legois
[email protected]
(262) 514-0097 (h)
(262) 498-9930 (c)




d and daugher before skiing at State Competition 1999

d and daugher before skiing at State Competition 1999


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